• Pilot AB-12 Air Brush

Pilot AB-12 Air Brush

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Product Description of Pilot AB-12

Pilot AB-12 Air Brush

Pilot AB12 Air brush pen guns suitable for small artistic spray-jobs like free-hand, stencils, idol / model making etc which require precision spray.

Available in 2 cup capacities( 1.5 ml & 10 ml) they are ideal for artists & artisans in design shops, art departments of advertising agencies, fine art studios, photographic studios and architectural studios.

Their versatility makes them adaptable to using any colouring agent, inks and lacquer  

Applications :

Art departments of advertising agencies.

Fine art studios.

Photographic studios.

Architectural studios.

Artists & artisans in design shops.    


Round to flat pattern adjustment.

Lightweight and sleek body.

Comfortable handle and trigger action                

The Air Brush guns are small and lightweight  Balanced handle for comfortable & firm grip Easy trigger action for convenient use Needle adjustment    

Technical Specifications:

Cup capacity (ml) - 10

Max. pattern width (mm) - 20

Gun distance from work piece mm (inch) - 50(2)

Fluid nozzle orifice dia (mm) - 0.3

Required pressure (kgs/sq/cm.) - 1.5

Air consumption of rated pressure lit/min(c.f.m) - 5 (0.17)

Material output (cc/min) - 2 Min.

Air-compressor (HP) - 0.25

Weight of gun (gms) - 90  

Included Accessories: Needle Wrench Connector Nipple  

Make: Pilot | Model: AB-12
Price: 1791 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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