• Dewalt D28720 Chop Saw 14inch

Dewalt D28720 Chop Saw 14inch

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Product Description of Dewalt D28720

Dewalt D28720 Chop Saw 14inch

Description :

Ergonomic cable Type D provides added convenience to the user, reduces fatigue and increases productivity.

Motor 2200W provides maximum power and increases the performance and durability.

Key Features :

Handle for transport - ensures the transport of the machine when moving

Hole for padlock - To ensure the machine when not in use and avoid accidental starting

Attachment Padlock - Closed for the compact position for convenience when moving the machine

Axis Lock - Allows the user to make quick and easy changes to disk

Sparks Shield - Divert the spark of desktop and flammable materials

Guide 45 - Allows presice angular cut

Press - Quickly and firmly lock the materials to be cut, increasing productivity

Steel Base - Provides durability and stability to the machine

Specifications :

Brand : Dewalt

Color : Yellow

Model Number : D28720

Make: Dewalt | Model: D28720
Price: 10500 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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