• Bosch AQT 35-12 Pressure Washer 120bar 1500w

Bosch AQT 35-12 Pressure Washer 120bar 1500w

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Product Description of Bosch 06008A71F0

Features of AQT 35-12 Pressure washer:

Innovative 3-in-1 nozzle delivers state-of-the-art cleaning performance
Sturdy wheels and Easy-Fold handle for easy mobility and space-saving storage
Auto-stop function ensures energy efficiency
Other product advantages
Easy handling thanks to quick-connect fittings and an integrated accessories holder
Applications of of AQT 35-12 Pressure washer:

Washes your car squeaky clean, right from the wheels and doors to the most unreachable of areas
Cleans the tiles in the garden paths and driveways 
Removes dirt that sticks to garage shutters, which is otherwise hard to clean
Multi purpose cleaning equipment & high pressure water sprayer.
Suitable for washing your car at home.Do-It-Yourself like a garage wash.
Functions of of AQT 35-12 Pressure washer:

Fold-down handle
Innovative hose storage
Integrated accessories holder
SDS system with quick-connect fittings
Auto-stop system
Water filter
Detergent dosing system

Technical Specifications of of AQT 35-12 Pressure washer :

Max. pressure 120 bar
Motor capacity 1500 W
Max. operating pressure 350 l/h
Max. inlet temperature 40 °C
Cable length 5 m
Hose length 5 m (PVC)
Weight (without accessories) 5.53 kg
Standard accessories of AQT 35-12 Pressure washer:

high-pressure gun
Extension Lance
3-in-1 nozzle
5mtr cable with 16A 3pin plug
5mtr high-pressure hose(PVC)
Transparent water filter

Make: Bosch | Model: 06008A71F0
Price: 9000 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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