Dremel 2000-6 VersaTip Butane Multi-tip tool

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Product Description of Dremel F0132000JA

Dremel VersaTip 2000-6 Butane gas torch Hobby tool  

One tool for 6 different applications: soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking and wood burning (Pyrography)

Always ready to use Use anywhere anytime Allows for detailed and intricate work Long lifetime  

Features and Benefits

Versatile: one tool for 6 different applications Powered by liquid butane gas: use anytime anywhere

Very short heat-up time and quick recharge: always ready to use

Child safety lock mechanism: children can’t turn on the tool Precise: allows for detailed and intricate work

Durable quality: long lifetime Variable temperature setting: select the right temperature for your project  

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.135 kg

Ignition: Piëzo Burn time: 90 min    

The Dremel Versatip cordless comes with 6 interchangeable tips and has a variable temperature setting for maximum flexibility.

This is a 6 in 1 heat tool and therefore offers a multitude of applications in 1 tool allowing you to unleash your creativity on many different projects.

This versatile tool is ideal for heat embossing, wood burning (pyrography), hot fix stone decoration, soldering, melting, shrinking and hot cutting.

This handy tool is also lightweight and will allow you to do detailed and intricate work on a variety of projects.

The 6 different tips are soldering, cutting knife, hot knife, flat wide flame head, reflector and hot blower head.  

Standard Accessories

Soldering Tip

Cutting Knife

Hot Knife

Flat Wide Flame

Head Reflector

Hot Blower Head

Soldering Tin with Blue Cap

Soldering Sponge + sponge box

Tin storage case

Instruction manual  

(note: this tool will be supplied as empty can, no gas will be filled by us, due to safety regulations by couriers/shipping carriers)  

Make: Dremel | Model: F0132000JA
Price: 3200 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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