• Hitachi CS40EA 18inch Petrol Chain Saw

Hitachi CS40EA 18inch Petrol Chain Saw

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Product Description of Hitachi CS40EA

Hitachi CS40EA 18inch 39.6cc Petrol Chain Saw   

Features :

Standard Handle New PureFire engine Model CS40EA(SP) meets U.S.(EPA PHASE2) and European(STAGE2) emission standards

Displacement : 39.6mL(cc)

S-start : Soft and smooth start of recoil

Spring type : Anti-Vibration System

Guide bar length : 18inch or 450mm  

Specifications :

Displacement : 39.6 mL (cc)

Max Power : 1.8kW

Decomp.System : No

Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.38L

Oil Tank Capacity : 0.24L

Chain Pitch : 8.26mm (0.325")

Guide Bar Length : 450mm (18") 

Type of Guide Bar : Sprocket Nose Chain Gauge : 1.27mm (0.05")

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 381 x 229 x 283mm

Dry Weight : 4.4kg  

Make: Hitachi | Model: CS40EA

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