• Addison HSS Parallel Shank Twist Drill 18.5mm

Addison HSS Parallel Shank Twist Drill 18.5mm

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Product Description of Addison ADB-HSS-18-5

Addison HSS Parallel Shank Twist Drill 18.5mm

Description :

A drill is a tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment, usually a drill bit or driver bit, used for boring holes in various materials or fastening various materials together with the use of fasteners.

Key Features :

  • IS 5102 - 1991 BS 328 (Part 1) 1986
  • Drills are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, construction. Specially designed drills are also used in medicine, space missions and other applications.
  • Made with High Speed Steel (HSS), Long Series Parallel Shank Drills are most suitable for drilling of steel, cast iron, alloy steel and malleable cast iron and also to drill stainless steel, brass shallow hole in aluminium alloy, nickel and any such materials.

Specification :

Brand : Addison

Size : 18.5 mm 

Flute Length : 162.0 mm

Overall Length : 247.0 mm

Make: Addison | Model: ADB-HSS-18-5
Price: 1219 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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