Leica DISTO D110 Laser Distance Measurer with Bluetooth 60m

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Product Description of Leica DISTO-D110

The Leica DISTO™ D110 is a 3 measurement mode LDM with a 200' range that is accurate to 1/16 of an inch. Its small, weighing in at 3 1/4 ounces with batteries, very easy to use, and the D110 sends measurements via Bluetooth making it -- by far -- the least expensive Bluetooth LDM available.

The ability to send distance and area measurements to mobile apps as you take them makes the D110 the ideal tool for generating estimates, or inputting accurate interior measurements into modeling software on-site.

Bluetooth DISTOs pair with iOS and Android devices. A wide range of apps, including the free DISTO Sketch App, work with Bluetooth DISTOs. 


ISO 16331-1 certified typical measuring range 60m. / 197ft.

ISO 16331-1 certified typical measuring accuracy +1.5 mm

Measuring Units m, ft, in

Power Range Technology Yes

Display Illumination Yes

Free Sketch App Yes

Data Interface Bluetooth Smart V4.0

Measurements per set of batteries Up to 5000

Batteries Type AAA, 2 x1.5v

Protection class IP54 - dust and splash protected

Dimensions (HxDxW) 120 × 37 × 23 mm

Weight with batteries 96g

Make: Leica | Model: DISTO-D110
Price: 7250 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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