3M 1200 Half Face Respirator With Catridge

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Product Description of 3M Safety 3M1200

3M 1200 Half Face Respirator With Catridge

Features :

3M 1200 Half Facepiece Respirators are KMOEL approved and designed to help provide respiratory protection against certain airborne contaminants.

An elastomeric face seal. M/L in size, it is a compact and lightweight half mask that offers an economical solution for a range of applications.

Low profile dsign allows a wide field of vision.

Lightweight makes long period of wear bearable.

Soft, elatomeric face-fit secures a lasting comfort

Unique easy to don/doff strap sysem.

Speifications : 

Colour : White

Product Series : half Mask 1200 Series

Product Type : Half Face Mask 

Size : Medium / Large

Standards / Approval : KMOEL 2012:83

Quantity : 1 of 3M 1200 Half Faqcepiece Reusable Mask Respirator and 1 of 3M 3301K-55 organic Vapor Cartridge (Black)

Applications : 

Light Duty Cleaning & Maintenance Work

Automotive Manufacturing & Maintenance

Make: 3M Safety | Model: 3M1200
Price: 500 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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