• Honeywell Powercoat Nitrile Gloves

Honeywell Powercoat Nitrile Gloves

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Product Description of Machpower NITRAF-950

Honeywell Powercoat Nitrile Gloves

Specifications :  

Materials  Nitrile, Neoprene  

Flocked cotton

Chemical resistance  Nitrile : J (N-Heptane), K (Caustic coda 40%), L (Sulphuric acid 96%) // Neoprene : A (Methanol), K (Caustic coda 40%), L (Sulphuric acid 96%) Maintenance / cleaning  

This article can be cleaned.

For cleaning instructions, please contact Honeywell Safety Products Storage information  

Keep gloves in their original packaging in a cool, dry, dust-free, away from sources of heat and direct light.

Features :

The Honey well PowerCoat Nitrile gloves features high chemical protection.

The Nitrile rubber gives great elasticity to the gloves.

Nitrile is a multipurpose material that combines chemical properties and excellent mechanical characteristics.

It is suitable for a wide range of chemicals  

Category III gloves for constant quality.

The cuff helps to protect a large part of the forearm.  

Recommended Industries/Use Agriculture Chemical  Mining  Municipal Services Oil and Gas  Transportation  

Hazards Biohazard Chemical  


Extreme Environment  

Regulations EN 420-2003

General requirements EN388-2003

Mechanical risks EN 374-3

Chemical risks (Category 3 : Irreversible risks Food contact -

Do not use against Thermal risks.

Version in single pack.

Make: Machpower | Model: NITRAF-950

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