• Fischer Expansion Nylon Plug S5*100pcs

Fischer Expansion Nylon Plug S5*100pcs

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Product Description of Fischer F002J50105

 Fischer Expansion Nylon Plug  

Applications  Pictures  Lighting Skirting  Shelves  Mirror cabinets  Letter boxes Motion sensors Information boards  Curtain rails Electrical installations

Usage Suitable for:   Concrete  Natural stone with dense structure  Solid brick Solid sand-lime brick  Solid block made from lightweight concrete Hollow concrete blocks etc.

For fixing of: Pictures  Motion detectors   Lamps   Skirting Electric switches  Small wall-mounted shelves  Towel rails  Lightweight mirror cabinets  Letter boxes    Hanging baskets  Curtain rails

Application : 

1.The rimless plug sleeve allows for the plug to be set as deep as required below the plaster to the bearing substrate to achieve the maximum load-bearing capacity.

2.As the plug only expands in two directions, it is possible to direct the expansion forces so that they run parallel to the edge of the building material by turning the           plug.This allows for smaller edge distances.

3.The slimline plug geometry makes it easy to push the plug into the drill hole. For a fast and simple installation.

4.The anti-rotation lock prevents the plug rotating in the drill hole, thus guaranteeing a high level of installation safety.

. Made of High Quality Nylon.

5.Screws of Gauge-#6 are recommended for this plug.

6.Drill bits of 5mm diameter are recommended for this plug.

Make: Fischer | Model: F002J50105

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