• Bosch Flap Disc 115mm 60grit

Bosch Flap Disc 115mm 60grit

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Product Description of Bosch 2608603346

Bosch Flap Disc 115mm 60grit

Bosch Flap Discs flap discs are used for light stock removal, blending and finishing all in one application.

They grind like a depressed center wheel (DC grind wheel) and finish like a fibre disc (sanding disc) – helping you reduce process time and lower your total grinding costs. 


Sanding, Rust removal & Polishing of wood & Metal size - 115mm (4inch) Material - Alcon Grit - 60

Description : 

Particularly suitable for metalworking.
Powerful thanks to heated aluminium oxide. Fully synthetic resin bonded, sturdy X-cloth.
Consistently high material removal rate and long lifetime.
Flap disc on carrier plate made of glass fiber.
Straight version-for surface sanding and working on welded seams at a work angle of 5-15°.

Specifications : 

SKU : IK050506BSH0023

Brand : Bosch

Model Number : 2608603346

Type : Flap Disc

Size : 115X22.23-Grit 60

Bore : 22.23 mm

Diameter : 115 mm

Grit : 60

Packaging Unit : 10

Make: Bosch | Model: 2608603346
Price: 95 Excl. of GST
In Stock

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