Bosch Bi-Metal Hole Saw Blade 154mm

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Product Description of Bosch 2608580

Bosch Hole Saw Blade Need Hex Adapter KW11 for fixing this blade , to be used with Rotary/Impact drill machines (one adapter will fit for many sizes as mentioned below, KW11- fit for sizes 32mm to 154mm)   Applications: for cutting bigger holes in Natural wood; hardwood; plywood; woodcore plywood; chipboard-raw, veneered and laminated; fiber-reinforced composites; sandwich materials; plastics; thin sheet metals. cutting in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, plastic,    Features: Easy and Simple Plug Removal. work faster and smarter. Its revolutionary design and our universal mandrel works with any brand of tool or hole saw to let you change saws in seconds. Bi metal hole saw cuts material up to 1" deep  
Make: Bosch | Model: 2608580

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