• Bosch ALS 25 Garden Leaf Blower

Bosch ALS 25 Garden Leaf Blower

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Product Description of Bosch 06008A1000

Bosch ALS 25 Garden Leaf Blower

This item has been discontinued by manufacturer and no more available

The only problem you’ll have is running out of leaves!      

Effortlessly safe handling: ergonomically shaped handles for better weight distribution and more comfort.

Longer working: 10:1 shredding means fewer trips to the compost heap.

Easy-to-handle collection bag: easy to fit, easy to empty, made of special moisture- repellent textile material.

High power. Motor power of 2500 watts, blower flow rate of 800 m3/h

Lightweight. 3.2 kg (blowing function) and 4.4 kg (cuuming function) for effortless collection of garden foliage

Practical 45-litre collection bag.

Second handle and zip for easy emptying

Adjustable handle and padded shoulder strap.

For fatigue-free working without pain in your shoulders or arms

Adjustable blower speed of up to 300 km/h for easy sweeping and removal of sticky wet leaes

Shredding function.

Shreds lea.es for better composting at a shredding ratio of 10:1  

Effortlessly safe handling   

Technical data :

Motor capacity : 2500 W

Vanable airflow speed : 300 km/h

Volume flow rate : 800 m3/h

Weight (leaf blower) : 3.2 kg

Weight (garden vacuum set) : 4.4 kg

Collection bag : 45 Ltr

Reduction of leaf quantity : 10:1  

Standard accessories :

45 ltr collection bag 

Padded shoulder strap    

Make: Bosch | Model: 06008A1000

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